It was designed for the honour of girl Alisha living in Monaco. This energetic, merry girl is engaged in gymnastics and ballet; she is fluent in Russian, English, French, and Italian. She now learns to speak Chinese. As a 9-year-old, she does not know yet what profession to choose in the future, but is already very interested in fashion and design. The Lithuanian and Russian blood flows in the veins of Alisha. 

Like her favourite principality of Monaco, Alisha is a multicultural child of the world.



The first collection AlishaV is designed specifically for friendship of nations. This is a collection of fur outerwear for children and adolescents. The main colours of the collection are white, blue and red. They are the colours of Monaco and Russian flags. All models feature the latest trends of autumn-winter 2014-2015. That includes bulky shapes with a soft shoulder line, fur coats in leopard patterns, and comfortable capes. Each item is manufactured to the highest quality standards, using only the natural lining silk. The products are decorated with softest cashmere and leather. The collection features both smooth and volumetric furs: rabbit, mink, llama, chinchilla, sable and astrakhan. The collection is named Monaco – it symbolizes internationalism, luxury and beauty.




Collection’s designer Martin Mataru is a graduate of Milan fashion institutes Burgo and Marangoni. He creates designs for girls, but their older sisters and mothers would be happy to wear them, too.


The debut will take place in Monaco on 8 November, in the legendary Hermitage Hotel, where young supermodels from Monte Carlo, New York, and Moscow, the youngest being 2 only years old, will walk the catwalk.